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Last update 20 Jan. 2009

Well To Hell
Well To Hell

Location: Moscow, Russia

Gender: Female

Birth data: Feb 3, Aquarius with Ascendant in Pisces

E-mail: wth666@mail.ru, wth666@yandex.ru

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Interests & likes: Music, video, photo, design, art, journalism, web sites, poetry, occult, astrology, pharmacy, bio-energy, psychedlics, Sci-Fi & Psy-Fi movies and literature, black cats, going to the country on pagan fests, climbing on trees to collect cherries and other harvests or/and watch sunsets, etc, especially to my favourite music...

Occupation: Free-lance journalist for Rockcor (Russian Metal magazine). http://www.rockcor.ru

Playing instruments, other creativity: Keyboards, Vocals, writing music & lyrics, poetry, sometimes stories, art.

My band: Incarnation

My poetry

My story

Favourite music: Mainly Sympho-Black, Black-Death-Doom, a bit Gothic, Ethnic. Bands: Dimmu Borgir, Ad Inferna, De Profundis, Forest Stream, Darkflight, Abhor, Dorn (2000, 2007), Maldoror, Limbonic Art (1996), Diabolical Breed, Dimension Of Doom, Nebular Moon (1997), Bishop Of Hexen (2006), Saturnus, Atritas, Forn Valdyrheim, Stigmatheist, Subliritum, Thyrane, Thy Serpent, Razordog, Naёzeth, Swamp-Coven, Unholy, Swallow The Sun, Shining, Chaosweeaver, Love Lies Bleeding, Agathodaimon, Thirst, Amphithymia, My Dying Bride, Betray My Secrets, SpiRitual, Shiva In Exile, Raxa, Morgion (1996, 1999), Dunkelheit, Comatose Vigil, Keen Of The Crow, Process Of Guilt, Loss, Crossover, Sun Of The Sleepless, Cradle Of Filth (up to 2001), Lamia Antitheus, The Heretic, Essence Of Existence, and more of Sympho-Black and Doom... Early Tiamat, early Anathema, early Crematory, Amorphis (1996), The Blood Divine, Dragonlord, Dominion3, early Eloy, early Dead Can Dance, some Edge Of Sanity, Death SS...

In the past I listened to: Judas Priest, some other HM, Hard, Art & Glam Rock (Black Sabbath, Rainbow, T.Rex, Alice Cooper, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Mr. Big 1976, Tangerine Dream, Uriah Heep, M. Oldfield, Rush, Cockney Rebel, etc)

I found a perfect combination of atmospheric keyboards with grim metal in Sympho-Black and Death-Doom metal ;)

Favourite movies: Mostly Sci-Fi/Psy-Fi/Mystical Thrillers: Event Horizon, Interstate 60, Strange Days, The Matrix, Starman, First Wave (series), Earth - The Final Conflict (series), Dr. House (series), Star Gate (series), Nirvana, Dune, Underworld (1, 2), Generation X, The 5th Element, Terminator 1, 2, Recall, Judge Dredd, Back to Future, Freejack, Replicant, Impostor, Startroopers, Independence Day, Species II, Scissors, Revenant, Shrieker, Groundhog's Day, Beetlegeuse, Dad, The Ghost, The Frighteners, etc. Also I sometimes watch some stupid comedy serials on TV, like 'Happy Together' (rare Russian film I like :)).

Favourite writers, poets: R.Sheckley, E.A.Poe (The Raven, stories), Michael Newton (Life Between Lives), Carlos Castaneda, R.Cavendish (The Black Arts), A.S.LaVey (Satanic Bible), E.T.A.Hoffman, G.Klein (Star Gambit), my friends Lexy F, Bayan Shiryanov, etc.

Favourite Food: Eggs, 0% lipid curds, yogurt, milk, cooked squids, fish, mashrooms, tomatos, greenery, borsch, frankfurters, cherry, apples, pineapple, other fresh fruits and vegetables, bran, well-made meat (without fat, with spices including not too much salt). Sometimes coconut or other nuts.

Favourite Drinks: Dry red wine, energy alcohol drinks: Jaguar, Absenter, Red Devil; alcohol drink 'Sansara'. Beer: 'Obolon' (1l plastic bottle), '3 Bogatyria', English Ale - Lager Light, other light non-bitter beer. Energy drinks: Adrenaline Rush, 100 KW, Bullit, Swiss Power. Other drinks: Trance. Sometimes home wine (up to 11%), especially from cherry, red currant, I used to make, tea.

Dislikes: Disconnections, equipment malfunctions, absence of electricity (if anything like that happens...), being forced to listen to what I dislike (pops, felon-bards, estrade, Russsian-languaged rock/metal/wtf...). Nazis, totalitarian regimes, anti-sex religions, inquisition, drug prohibition, limitations on my personal freedom, menstruation...

Some quotation:

Agonized and flattered I once became
A part of the horror scenario
Armoured and filled with painful pleasure
I did not hide
(c) Dimmu Borgir, 1999

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