Presentation of Elnordia's new album, 12 Jan. 2008, Moscow, Relax

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The concert was awesome, especially I enjoyed Amphithymia and Forest Stream, cause I like these bands. Amphithymia played first, I was a bit late, so my video of them begins since like their second or third song, and lasts till the end. A similar story with Forest Stream: I mistakenly thought that the band playing after Voiceless Void would be Seducer's Embrace when I left the hall, and when I came back, Forest Stream were already playing their second song, Bless You To Die. I shot some photos of them, then it took me some time to change the memory card and the accumulator, then I shot video since almost the beginning of their 3d song "The Autumn Dancers" till the end. They played very inspiredly and their last song was 'Black Swans' which people love very much. It's a pity though that they didn't play its wonderful flute intro, my favourite part of this song.

I shot everything from the first row; thankfully the people in the hall allowed me to move through them, change my position and come close to the stage so I could normally shoot every band member.

It was a pity that Forest Stream's setlist was quite short; many people wanted more and shouted "Forest Stream, Forest Stream!".

I stayed in the hall till the end of the concert, and so took photos of all the bands playing, except for Amphithymia, because during their show my camera was always busy shooting video. BTW, Amphithymia are disbanding and this was their last concert. It's sad, but the band's leader Kirill Forlock (bass, vocals) said there will be new music from him, from vocalist/guitarist Sergey Coldsand and from keyboardist Anna.

The lights were quite strong during the whole show which made it easy to shoot videos and photos. But I had to use low resolution (like before) cause my camera doesn't work with memory cards of more than 2 GB, and I wanted to shoot whole shows of 2 bands, each of which is a permanent process, no time to change a card... My videos look quite bad on youtube, but the original files, if you download them, look better.

The sound was very loud, like usually, and I was half-deaf after the show, but the recordings made with my camera sound quite satisfactory, not much distortions, possible to hear keyboards while the rhythm-section is playing.

Enlordia played last. They sounded and looked good; I was in the hall till the end and it even seemed to me that they sounded better this time without their former female vocalist Nina and with their female keyboardist singing. Well, maybe I'm just not a fan of much gothic female vocals and rarely like any of them. Also, I was drunk! :)

I was glad to meet several people from I'm surprised by the passivity on and

Thanks to the concert organizer Roman Boss, to the bands that played and to all the people who shot and uploaded videos and photos from this concert!

Amphithymia setlist:
01 - Immortal Grace
02 - Predictable Mind
03 - Rising Star
04 - Bleeding
05 - Thy Autumn Spirit
06 - Labyrinths of Time
07 - Paradox Of The Universe
08 - Sacrifice

Forest Stream setlist:
01 - The Mired {6:11}
02 - Bless You To Die {6:41}
03 - The Autumn Dancers {7:51}
04 - Mel Kor {7:37}
05 - Bleak (Opeth cover) {8:32}
06 - Black Swans {7:30}

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  Voiceless Void
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(DL) Bleeding

(DL) Thy Autumn Spirit

(DL) Labyrinths of Time

(DL) Paradox Of The Universe

(DL) Sacrifice

Forest Stream:

(DL) The Autumn Dancers

(DL) Mel Kor

(DL) Bleak (Opeth cover)

(DL) Black Swans

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Jan. 16, 2008

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