Moscow Doom Festival ch.2, 12 May 2007, Moscow, Plan B

Last update 24 May. 2007

On 12th of May I visited the Moscow Doom Festival ch.2 where played Saturnus (Denmark) and 5 Russian bands before them. I came during 'Yekklesiast' show, which didn't impress me; then played Comatose Vigil and Saturnus.

Comatose Vigil is a Funeral Doom band from Moscow. I saw and heard them for the first time. I didn't hope to like them much cause I'm generally not a fan of Funeral Doom, but when I heard them I was kinda mesmerized! Their music turned out very atmospheric, something maybe in the style of Shape Of Despair 'Angels Of Distrerss', but seemed to me more sinister - dunno, because of the music or because of a very funeral appearance of the 3 musicians I could see in the front (vocalist, one guitarist and bassist), who had shaved heads and looked half like funeral service guys, half like zombies. A nice girl played on the synth with a beautiful atmospheric sound. They played in darkness the whole time, there was only a purple (red, blue) light on the background. I stood close to the stage at the left side to shoot my photos and videos. The sound was quite distinct and good, apart from being a bit too loud for my ears (as it was with all bands). On video, I shot their second song - it lasted 18:30 min.! True Doom! So were their several other songs, and in the end they played a cover on Tiamat's 'Whatever That Hurts' from 'Wildhoney' - frankly, it gladdened me a lot and sounded cool enough.

Saturnus's show was awesome! First of all, I hadn't expected that these depressive doomsters would appear so communicable, full of energy, warm and nice!! They often smiled, and looked better than on the photos I used to see before on their sites... The public was very elated, there was some 500 people in that small (and stuffy) club, which was quite a lot. I took a place near the stage from the left side to take my photos and videos. The guitarist Tais, who was on the right, was rarely seen to me, and the keyboardist Anders was behind the guitarist Peter, but I couldn't change my place without losing the position close to the stage... Fans were excited, showed hornes and pushed me often, but still I shot my videos...

The sound was quite distinct but had less sustain/atmospheric quality than on the studio CDs, especially on the song 'Softly On The Path You Fade'. However, the guys played with more energy. It was interesting to watch them. Bassist Lennart was most communicable and active. From time to time he moved from the right to the left parts of the stage, showed horns, signed on fans' hands and things like that, even during songs. Thomas also often communicated with fans, touched their hands etc, between the songs. On the melodic instrumental part of 'I Love Thee' when Tais' guitar solo began, Peter wiped tears from his eyes, stopped playing, took a bottle of beer, began to drink and sway his hand in the tact of the music. I got it on my video, an interesting moment...

I shot Saturnus on video from the 2nd to the 6th song, and precisely after that my battery got discharged. Oh, what a pity! But the concert continued and I was excited and enjoying a lot. Lennart signed on my hand. Then in the end of the concert, I got signs in my telephone book from 3 musicians: Lennart, Thomas and Tais (btw they all wrote with their left hands). All happened on the stage. Extensive contacts between the musicians and the fans continued on and near the stage: signing, shooting photos, embracing each other... Thomas was sitting on the edge of the stage. I told him that I liked the concert very much and asked kinda 'How do you like Moscow?' - he answered 'Very good'... Unfortunately I couldn't shoot photos at that time, without the battery, - I would like to have a shot with him... Later, when Thomas left, but Lennart was there on stage, I managed to find a girl with a working photocamera and available memory who made two shots of me together with Lennart ;)...

The concert gave me a long-lasting bright and positive impression; and other fans tell the same!
Now I really get into the album 'Veronica Decides To Die', much better than before! ;) 'Descending' is my favourite song, but the others are also impressive. A good continuation to 'Martyre', actually.

Thanks to Saturnus, to Comatose Vigil as the concert organizers and as musicians too, to fans and anybody who shot and uploaded other videos and photos of this concert!

Saturnus setlist:
1) Starres
2) Pretend
3) I Love Thee
4) To The Dreams
5) Murky Waters
6) Empty Handed
7) Softly On The Path You Fade
8) I Long
9) Paradise Belongs To You
10) Inflame Thy Heart
11) Pain Washes Me
12) Christ Goodbye

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(DL) Saturnus - To The Dreams (live in Moscow 20070512)

(DL) Saturnus - Murky Waters (live in Moscow 20070512)

(DL) Saturnus - Empty Handed (live in Moscow 20070512)

(DL) Saturnus - Softly On The Path You Fade (live in Moscow 20070512)

Comatose Vigil.part1
Comatose Vigil.part2
(split archive of their 2nd song)

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