Wings Of Doom part 3, 14 Apr. 2007, Moscow, Relax

Last update 25 Apr. 2007

On 14th of April I visited the fest 'Wings Of Doom pt.3' where played 6 Russian bands. In fact, there were only 3 Doom bands (Forest Stream, Amphithymia, Non Immemor Mei), the rest 3 - rather some black-power-gothic with excessive (for me) female vocals. My main motivation for going to this concert was Forest Stream, an old Atmospheric Death-Black-Doom band whose music I had known and loved since long ago (LP 'Tears Of Mortal Solitude' with fine production by Earache rec., UK + early demos). Also Amphithymia, a young band whose songs I'd heard a little on myspace shortly before the concert and kinda liked them... I hadn't heard the other bands before, and it was the first time I saw any of them live. Amphithymia played first and they were very good, but I came to the concert a bit late so I didn't see their whole show... Now I have videos of 2 of their songs from this concert, plus their mp3s, so I can fully appreciate them - I really like their music! It's atmospheric Sympho-Black-Doom, I like this style very much. Non Immemor Mei are also quite not bad, I've watched 1 video from this concert. Their music is less atmospheric, but it's Doom for sure, which is also good to me... The concert was long; during it I used to enjoy, used to have my ears overloaded by the loud sound and leave the hall sometimes, used to buy beer in the bar twice... But I shot photos of all the bands from a close distance, right near the stage. That was my first time using a camera at a concert and I was mostly satisfied with the shots done with a tripple flash...

Finally, long awaited Forest Stream came out to play - they're most famous and they played last. To that time I was already quite tired, but as soon as they began to play, I woke up, caught by an amazing atmosphere of their music, and enjoyed everything they played from the beginning to the end! From the old things they played 'Last Season Purity', 'Winter Solstice' and 'Snowfall', also they played some tracks from their new (unreleased yet) album and a cover on Emperor's song 'Curse You All Men' from 1999. The old songs sounded a bit different than on the album - not worse, just different, with some live energy. The last, most solemn part of 'Winter Solstice', one of my favourites, sounded tougher than on the album. I enjoyed extremely and nearly cried. Then they played 'Snowfall'. I finished with photos, and suddenly decided to shoot a video (I hadn't planned on it before), cause the sound was worth recording it anyway. It was my first time shooting video with this photocamera (Nikon Coolpix P2). So I shot the last half of 'Snowfall', and then a part of their new song 'The Mired' - until my battery was discharged... I liked the band's new tracks too, and their cover on Emperor's song also inspired me; it sounded energetic enough, yet some bit in Forest Stream's style which I actually enjoyed...

The public wanted more, wanted 'Black Swans', I would also like to hear more, but unfortunately it was late and the concert had to end...

After the concert I came backstage and had a little talk with Sonm and Omin of Forest Stream. I told them how I was impressed by the show and even asked their autographs - on a piece of paper, unfortunately, cause their CDs weren't available to buy at the concert. One guy there told that they are generally rare to buy now. The musicians told that for playing their new tracks on stage they need to use a labtop, but there's no such possibility in Relax. I said, I just the same liked the way they sounded. Well, hopefully on the new album they will sound still better. The guys said they're going to tour in Ukraine and then record their new CD. After that they'll play in Moscow again, hopefully, in June or July... Now I anticipate their new CD, next concert and wanna shoot more videos.

Thanks to the concert organizer Roman Boss, to the bands that played and to the people who shot and uploaded videos of this concert (eg., Ocean)!

Forest Stream setlist:
The Autumn Dancers
Last Season Purity
The Mired
Bless U to Die
Winter Solstice
Curse You all Men (cover on Emperor)

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  Non Immemor Mei
  Voiceless Void
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  Forest Stream

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Forest Stream - Snowfall (live 2007-04-14)
Forest Stream - The Mired (live 2007-04-14)

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