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Last update 20 Jan. 2009
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Dimmu Borgir Fan Site
My Dimmu Borgir fan site

Past Concerts:

27 Jun. 2008: Tuska festival with Dimmu Borgir, Helsinki, Finland, - review with photos

12 Jan. 2008: Presentation of Elnordia's new album + Doom concert, Moscow, Relax - review with videos and photos
  Voiceless Void
  Forest Stream
  Seducer's Embrace

1 Nov. 2007: Dimmu Borgir (with Amon Amarth) in Helsinki, Finland, House Of Culture - review with videos and photos

12 May 2007: Moscow Doom Festival ch.2, Moscow, Plan B - review with videos and photos

  Comatose Vigil

14 Apr. 2007: 'Wings Of Doom' pt.3 fest, Moscow, Relax - review with photos and videos

  Non Immemor Mei
  Voiceless Void
  Little Dead Bertha
  Forest Stream


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